Monday, January 16, 2012

Adding A Few More Wheels To The Big Rig

Ed and I went bicycle shopping today. I've become really interested in having a bike on the truck for when we have downtime and we're in an area with nearby amenities; shopping, restaurants, parks, etc. We've sort of scrapped the idea of the Smart Car because we figured for the amount of time we actually use a car while out on the road, we can rent one like we've been doing. We often get the weekend deal through Enterprise ($10 a day in most places) or Ed gets a car for free with credit card points.

We also thought it would be a fun way to get in some exercise. I personally abhor exercise, which has directly affected the way my jeans fit, but I figured if I do the bike riding thing, I can trick myself into exercising because it's fun. We tested out a few bikes - I rode this one first because it was a girl's bike. I liked it, but it only comes in one size and I felt it was too short for me. So I tried the boy’s version, which I liked a lot better. The boy's version had seven speeds instead of three and had both front and rear hand brakes. The girl's version only had front hand brakes - the rears had to be stopped the old fashioned way - by foot. I didn't really like that.
Ed was really interested in this one (see photo above), which they call "Electric Assist" - that's right, it "assists" you. It's got a battery pack above the back wheel and when the pedaling becomes too hard, it gives you a little boost. I guess if you're planning on tackling hills, it could be helpful, but I plan on only riding on flat surfaces. I'll need to work up to hills, assistance or not. Plus, this one is $2,300.00 and since I'm not Lance Armstrong, I don't think we need to be spending that much on a bike.

We've talked about bikes before but haven't gone for a test ride until I feel like we might be getting closer to actually getting them. Minus the dorky helmet I had to wear, I have to say that I felt like a total kid again. Freely tooling around the strip mall, stores whizzing by, wind in my hair (well, the hair that wasn't under the helmet) and a real feeling of freedom. I used to love my bike when I was a kid and I'm kind of excited about the idea of riding one again. I'm not too thrilled about wearing a helmet, but I suppose if I bite it, I should protect my head.

I'm excellent on 18-wheels (well, we actually only have ten wheels since we've got super-singles) but I'm not so sure how I'll be on two. I've gotta take it slow. I'll be doing more bike shopping in the future and IF we purchase any, you'll get a full report.

Or pictures of my first injury - whichever comes first.

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Belledog said...

You will love having the bikes with you, and wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

You must bike around Long Beach. Best way to do it.

Very psyched you are doing this.

Remember the helmets, water and a good lock for each bike.

Marlaina said...

This is exciting news. First, Belledog is correct, great biking around Long Beach. Of course the big problem is finding a place to park the truck so you can rent a car and go there or take the train. There is good biking, meaning flat, which is my kind of biking, in a lot of great places. Indianapolis has 24 miles of bike paths, which end at the Museum of Modern Art and zip through their restaurant area. Madison, Wisconsin is supposed to be a biker's paradise. Haven't been there yet. Portland, OR is ruled by cyclists and they have a great light rail which stops close to Jubitz. And some places should be good biking, but there is no shoulder and it's bad.

We can meet up, Ed and MacGyver can go off and bike guy-style and we can meander down some easy road. I love to bike - SLOWLY! on the straight. Exercise, but no sweat.

Helmets are a must.

The Daily Rant said...

Belledog: I'm very excited about the bikes and I am totally with you on Long Beach - in fact, I'd love to bike around your old neighborhood. I'm planning on having a basket on my bike (if we get them) so not only will I have water, I might even have some delicious snacks in case I get stranded! :)

Marlaina: I'm so glad I'm not the only cyclist (can I call myself that once I get a bike? LOL) who is interested in flat terrain. I plan to be a fairly lazy biker but you know me - now I'll be researching cool bike paths like I'm a veteran biker. And yes, should we get bikes, I'd be happy to tool around with you at a leisurely pace while the boys go hog wild. And ugh - helmets. I know, I know. I'm going to have to get your haircut so I'll always look cute - even when I take my helmet off.

Word Verification: firking

I found that funny. :)

Belledog said...

Big one: be sure to have a good headlight and tail light too. Keeps you safe.

Make sure they're on before dusk.

I had some fool open a door into me a few years ago. Threw me off my bike, over the handlebars -- I had time mid-air hang to think "I'm glad I have a helmet on." Would have been seriously injured without it.

Accident was totally her fault, but I was vulnerable because the (borrowed) bike didn't have a headlight on it. (Wouldn't have stopped the accident -- she was negligent and a liar to boot. But took away my moral authority some ...)

Mainly: get out there and have fun.

It's a great world on two wheels too.