Friday, January 13, 2012

Passion Creates Pure Art

My cousin is hot. This picture is evidence. And it's not just from the back that she looks good. She's got great skin, eyes that you can drown in, a beautiful smile with perfect white teeth, and long, glossy hair. She also has an MBA. Good looking and smart; a deadly combination.

She's started taking pole dancing fitness classes for exercise. Yes, for exercise. No, she's not a stripper. It all started with the S Factor class she discovered but has progressed into a real interest in the actual art of it. It's hard and I've seen the bruises on her legs and arms from learning how to smoothly execute the moves. She sometimes takes video, which she only shares with a few people, and I've watched her become better at it. The difference is actually noticeable.

Her body has transformed also. Kind of like a ballet dancer - long and lean. Well, as long as someone of her stature can be - she's barely over five feet tall. But it seems to have worked, and in addition to looking good, she loves it as a form of exercise. She's only been doing this for about two years, but it's turned into a real passion.

And she must be doing something right, because that picture is pure art.

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myacrolife said...

I Love You for being so damn kind and articulate. Thanks for not telling me about this though! And you, people do get photoshopped...;)


myacrolife said...

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