Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tequila Sunrise

We're still hanging in St. Augustine at company headquarters and have been doing nothing but sleeping, shopping and socializing. Every night since we got here last week, we've been involved in marathon Scrabble games and oddly enough, it's been a blast!

Ed typically wins every game (well, except for the one stroke of luck I had last night where I beat him by over 100 points!), which baffles me every time. He's not so much a wordsmith as he is a strategist. He eyes the board like a chess player; planning moves that will cripple his opponents while at the same time, rendering himself a high score.

The game started with just Ed and I burning up the board, but the past three nights we've drawn a crowd and several other people wanted to get in on the fun. As a result, we've been up until well past five in the morning, every night.

Tonight in one of our games, I had the ultimate coup de theatre; I made a word using all seven of my letters, giving me fifty points in addition to the sixteen my word garnered, pulling me out of my slump and getting me so far ahead of the pack, there was no winning for any of them.

My winning word, T-E-Q-U-I-L-A-S, can be seen at the top of the board.

This Scrabble marathon officially ended at 6:30 this morning when our newest player laid his last tile. Now it's time to catch a few hours sleep before we start all over again tomorrow. The Scrabble Fest will come to an end on Friday, after the company function is over and we all go back to work. We are heading to Canada next but won't soon forget the time we spent playing Scrabble 'till the wee hours of the morning in:

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yaw - is hilarious!