Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Turning One Million

Today, our odometer turned One Million. Happy Birthday, Odometer. Oh wait, it's not a million years old, but it has gone one million miles! Yes, that's right folks, one MILLION miles on the 'ol Freightliner and it runs like a spring chicken.

Why do you think the car manufacturers don't make a vehicle that can go a million miles? Hmmm? C'mon, I'm sure there is some guy out there who knows the answer to this.

Rock, care to take this one for me?


Amy said...

Some guy in Vermont had a Volvo that turned over a million. He contacted the Volvo headquarters, and they gave him a new one, but took the millon miler for their museum. Tis true.

(Mine is just a baby it's only got 226,000)

YAY Freightliner!

Mise en Place said...

Here's to hoping we look as good after running a million miles, lol!


The Daily Rant said...

Thank you Rock. Fabulous, as always. Only a guy could do it so.....so....technically.