Friday, January 18, 2013

Back To Basics

I'm pretty sure In-N-Out Burger got their  name precisely because that's exactly what's it's like when you go there to eat - you're literally "in and out" in just a few minutes flat.

I went yesterday with my mother while we were out running pre-cruise errands.  You'd think I was going on this cruise for three weeks with all the last minute things I was doing.  They weren't all cruise related, but I did need to squeeze some other stuff in. 

Anyway, my mother was thrilled when she got to the menu board and saw only hamburgers and fries on the menu.  Usually, she goes into a place and stands there wondering what to order.  It's as if she's never been in a fast food before.  Which is odd to me, because she watches so much TV, she should could be one of those Nielsen families all on her own. 

You'd think she'd know the menu of every fast food restaurant from McDonald's to Wendy's to Jack in the Box and beyond.  But at In-N-Out, she didn't have to know anything - she just had to choose one burger or two, cheese or not, size of fries and what she wanted to drink. 

I'm telling you - it's the perfect place to take an old person.

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Pat said...

Ahh, but then there's the secret menu. You can get it animal style, protein style, a 4x4, grilled cheese. Have you ever noticed every In & Out has a set of crossed palms out front?

The Daily Rant said...

Pat: I never noticed the palms, but I did read they print scriptures (chapter and verse, not the actual text) on the bottom rim of the cups and the bottom of the bags.