Monday, January 14, 2013

Slap 'Em Right Up Here, Ma'am

Today I had my first ever mammogram.  The machine above is similar to the one that squashed the girls.  Actually, I hate when people call them "the girls", unless it's Stacy London from What Not To Wear.  'Cause she's funny.

I was in and out in ten minutes - plus the time spent at the front desk signing away my first born.  I don't really think a mammogram is worth $340.00 but since insurance pays, I signed. 

Based on what everyone has ever told me, I was expecting a painful visit.  But it didn't hurt at all.  It wasn't even uncomfortable.  Well, except for the fact that a lady I met two minutes prior to being naked from the waist up was heaving my mammaries with a gloved hand.  One side, other side, both.  Review the film.  Done.

Next scheduled fondling:  January 2014.

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