Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Have Pots And Pans, Will Travel

This is our home away from our home away from home. Since our truck, the original home away from home, is in the Fyda Freightliner shop for the bazillionth time for something that should have been fixed the first time, Ed and I are stranded in a hotel in snowy Ohio. I think after this whole ordeal is done, I might be doing a post about how satisfying the customer is probably in your best interest if you are a service provider. To say I'm not happy would be a gross understatement.

Instead of getting a regular hotel room, this time we decided to stay at one of those extended stay places with a kitchen. It's a little messy because we hauled everything out of the truck into the room late last night, but as you can see, it's quite roomy. I'm standing in the kitchen taking the picture, while Ed lounges on the couch.

It's not the most beautifully decorated room, but it has a pretty spacious living room and an equally big bedroom; one that can be closed off by an actual door. Two TV's, a large closet area and a giant bathroom complete the suite. And it's a corner room, which is always bigger, with three large windows giving us a great view of the local snow covered neighborhood.

Tucked next to a residential neighborhood across the street is a Walmart, which we actually walked to today, and The Mall at Tuttle Crossing is also within walking distance. We probably have at least a week here, so I'm sure I'll be hitting the mall, in addition to the local Barnes & Noble.

It was my idea to get a suite with a kitchen, which now when I think about it, seems to indicate I was not in my right mind. I could have had a little vacation from cooking had I not tried to be so practical. I really don't mind the cooking part, but since our room is right next to the balcony that opens to the large atrium in the lobby, I hope I don't cause a stir when the scent from my Sausage & Peppers starts wafting down to the front desk!


Jeni said...

Here I am, trying to diet -well, somewhat anyway -and you have to go and mention sausages and peppers! The nerve of some truckers! That's okay though cause before I started reading blogs tonight, I had fixed myself two poached eggs on big slice of whole grain, whole wheat bread. So the food talk on your part might just spur me into thinking of something a bit spicy to cook for supper this week anyway.

Gil said...

The smell of sausage & peppers cooking will only bring you people begging for a taste. I thought I just read somewhere Eddie writing how great the new truck is. If they don't get it fixed properly in Ohio tell them you are heading to Slidell and sending the Ohio guys the bill!