Friday, January 08, 2010

Miss Me Like It's Forever

Every Friday night, my mother has my three nephews (her grandsons) over for dinner. She usually sends me an email telling me about their visit and about all the things they talk about when sitting at the dinner table. She is always thrilled to see them and she always has great stories when they leave.

With the holidays and all, it's been while since she's seen them and when they got there, it was obvious they were happy to see her too. She wrote, "The hugs I got from them when they came in, lasted a minute and were tight and happy ones." After the hugs were over, the middle one said "Nana I missed you like it was forever".

Then she said to them, "I hope you always come to visit me, even when you're old enough to drive a car." and again the middle one piped up and said, "I didn't forget. I'm going to take you to Walmart, Nana." What a sweet boy!

My favorite part of the whole recap of her night with them was the phrase, "I missed you like it was forever."

Boy, don't I know what that feels like. And forever is way too long to miss anyone.

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Kayla said...

My grandma always used to say that to me too. "I hope you still come visit when you can drive." And we have.

Anonymous said...

Only from a child…the most simple, unthought-of of phrase is the sweetest.