Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Mirage Of Sorts

Since our truck only has a forty gallon water tank, we sometimes run out in the most inconvenient places; like the inner harbor of a city that barely has enough room for a truck, let alone a truckstop. Sometimes we get water from a nearby Home Depot or a business that has a spigot we can use. Once, we went to a local firehouse; they always have water.

In this photo, Eddie checks a nearby potable water source. It didn't work, so we had to move onto Plan B, which did pan out, but since he was so close to the water's edge, and on a snowy and slippery edge, I thought I'd take a quick shot of him just in case he lost his footing and wound up in the harbor.

Where he'd have plenty of water.

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1 comment:

Gil said...

Looks like New Hampshire? Looks too cold for a swim!