Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Boundless American Optimism

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.  It is the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere.  

Architectural critic David Dillon opined that the arch exists not as a functional edifice but as a symbol of "boundless American optimism". He articulates the arch's multiple "moods"—"reflective in sunlight, soft and pewterish in mist; crisp as a line drawing one moment, chimerical the next"—as a way the arch has "paid for itself many times over in wonder".

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The Movies Have Always Been An Escape

2018: Nowhere Near As Cute As A Kitten
2017: Celebrating Seven And A Half Decades
2016: Makes Complete Sense
2015: I'm Always Hoping It's The Last Time
2014: Apes At The Hitching Post
2013: History On Water Street
2012: Do It Like The Settlers Did. With Whiskey.
2011: No Vacancy
2010: Imperial Sand
2009: How Many Twenty Year Olds Have A Seventy Pound Head?
2008: My First Time
2007: I’ve Been Everywhere Sunday
2006: Text Me
2005: Eddie Dines Out Friday


Anonymous said...

OMG! My husband and I were there on the 31st and then again on the 7th. We were on vacation in Chicago visiting my grandbabies! St.Louis is the stopping point when we drive and with COVID going on we were not flying any time soon. We always stay the night and have dinner at Salt and Smoke BBQ - THE BEST!
Our staples are always trashy ribs (both sweet and hot), trashy wings, burnt ends(not on menu), brisket stuffed raviolis, deviled eggs and something they call chicken skins which are AMAZING! It's a lot of food, but we always have left overs and the food tastes just as fresh when reheated. Must try!

Earlier this year, before Covid, we were staying downtown and already paid for parking and didn't want to leave the hotel but we wanted Salt and Smoke. We ordered food online for delivery and for whatever reason our order would not through, long story short, the manager delivered the food on a Friday night, to the lobby. They are the best!

Safe travels,
Your NA friend

The Daily Rant said...

Hey! It’s been a long time! We’ve been through St. Louis many times but only twice to explore. I will put Salt & Smoke on my list. You might remember from my posts that Ed loves BBQ and I would never turn down a rib! Thanks for the recommendation good to hear from you! Sending a big hug! Stay safe during COVID.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! It has been awhile; I miss your daily blog posts.
I remember Ed is from Texas and that BBQ sauce will run in your veins. I've lived in Texas (DFW area) for almost 20 years now and my husband and I go on food excursions every weekend, until COVID hit. We have done all the BBQ joints with special attention to places that offer burnt ends. We have also visited all local burger spots, a few chains, but try to keep it local. I am a fry snob and rate the place by fries and if a place toast their buns.

I love reading all of your food posts when you visit different cities and visiting your Instagram to view the local spots in your city. You explain every detail I thought I only thought of or noticed. The small things!

Same to travels and stay safe!!