Tuesday, September 21, 2021

This Place Is The Bomb

Last month we moved some equipment to The Saylor Creek Bombing Range in southern Idaho.  This month we hauled it back to its original location.

The range, which covers over 100,000 acres is one of the most advanced in the country.  It's associated with Mountain Home Air Force Base, which is a fighter training base located about an hour north of the range, and it draws aircraft from around the country and world for training exercises.  

As a bombing range, it is used to make training as realistic as possible.  They have a mock airfield, villages, and other structures.  It's used by ground forces for training, including MOUT (military operations in urban terrain).  This is not your basic gunnery range.  

It's in a very quiet, rural area where you see horses and livestock roaming the fields on the way to the entrance area of the range.  People live in the area, too, which makes me wonder what they think of being roused from sleep by the sounds of Humvees being shot to pieces.

"Military aircraft training and operations have been conducted over southwest Idaho since 1942. To train aircrews for combat in the Second World War, the U.S. Army Air Force established training airfields in Boise (now Gowen Field) and Mountain Home (now Mountain Home AFB). Flying B-29, B-24, and B-17 bombers, as well as P-38 and P-63 pursuit aircraft, the aircrews conducted training over much of southwest Idaho, but particularly in the 420,000-acre Saylor Creek Bombing Range and four other Precision Bombing Ranges (PBRs). Training included a wide variety of activities such as aerial gunnery, bombing practice, low-altitude flight, and navigation."

I guess they're used to the noise.  And they probably feel reaalllly safe.

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