Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Clothing Identification 101

Yesterday, Eddie and I were sitting in the truck, watching the rain and relaxing before picking up our next load. He had unloaded in the rain, so his sweatshirt was soaking wet. He had taken it off and hung it in the truck.

I looked up and saw his sweatshirt dangling from a bungee cord.

“WHAT is that??” I said.

“A t-shirt.”

I said, “It’s not a t-shirt. It’s a sweatshirt. What you have on is a TEE shirt.”

I sarcastically added, “Do we need to have a lesson in Clothing Identification 101??”

Then I reached up to my clothing cubby hole and pulled out a pair of silky, white panties. I held them up, in full panty form and said to him, “What are these??”

He said with a smirk, “A parachute?”

I wanted to rap him right in the mouth but instead, I looked over at him and just roared with laughter. Yes, I know what he said wasn’t nice and he since never makes comments like that he will likely be forgiven, but the uncharacteristically quick comeback laced with the SO not Ed wit was just very funny to me.

And to think, this comment coming on the heels of the one from my friend Vicki, less than two weeks ago; she was doing laundry, standing at the kitchen table folding clothes, when she held up a pair of my panties and said “How is it that a person of your size can fit into underwear so small??”



Mise en Place said...

LOL! Yes, and I do recall you holding up a pair of mine saying, "WHAT are these?"

What I should have said is "Floss!"

Seems we are all taken with eachothers undies. We must get honey in the loop!

You think there is a problem?



The Daily Rant said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah....

This coming from someone who is a size 6 on a FAT day!

Zip it!


alwswrite said...

Take it from the girl who spent the entire day (and a few hundred bucks) replacing the entire contents of her underwear drawer with fresh, new, lacy panties: Size does not matter in this case. I've never been so proud of my chubby butt.

Anocsanamun said...

yeah - My teeny weeny - itee bitee drawers make people wonder when I bring them down to the laundry mat. If it was up to me - I'd just put a band aid over the holes and be done with it.