Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Text Me

Recent text messages I have received:

That is normal. All guys like it though.

Still awake?


How about you sugar dumplings?

Doing well. Still watching the Twilight Zone.

Not yet. I am still hunting down perforated blades.

You will bail out the butt squeezer? No one will be your friend though. Are you sure you could live with that?

I think there is. In Indiana.

What if I get my picture taken and end up in the paper as a serial...

OK. But people will look at me funny.

The hand says "Hi"


Love U 2.

Better than cold tuna.

OK. Good night, baby.

It is cold here in the meat locker.

Yeah, well I guess you like weirdos then.

1 comment:

Twisted Cinderella said...

Those are definitely some odd messages. "Butt squeezer"??? That sounds like a pervert or an new kind of exercise.