Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Benefits Of Dating A White Boy

Since it's still winter, I see no need to shave my legs.

We've been in Florida for the last week and if you've been watching the news (which I know you have, since everyone is wondering when the next ice storm is gonna hit) you might just know that down here, it's been hovering slightly above eighty degrees.

Despite the warmth, I still see no need to shave my legs, especially since I'm wearing capri pants and not shorts.

Yesterday, as I was sliding out of the truck, my capri pant leg scrunched up a few inches, baring the unshaven leg. Eddie was standing there watching me climb out, so I sarcastically said, "So, are you lovin' my hairy legs, or what?"

He said with a smile, "It's so mediterranean."

Boy, these white bread Southern boys just fall for anything exotic, don't they?


Anonymous said...

...that is SOOOOO Ed...I just love it...he really makes me laugh with his dry sense of witty..MAE

Anonymous said...

Truly sounds as if you've got yourself a winner. I'll have to remember that one for my own personal use.

Anonymous said...

ok. can I say--R.U.D.E?
Rude to point out your lovely weather as I am bundled up in my flannels, and a sweater, blowing my red nose, and snarfin' down coughdrops in 13* weather.

Anonymous said...

woops...I didn't mean to send annonymous.