Monday, January 29, 2007

James Cameron For $79.99 A Night

Last night, Eddie and I were lounging around in a hotel room somewhere on the Eastern seaboard, which was the perfect location for the movie we were watching; Titanic. I didn't like the movie much the first time around, but since I have a blossoming new love for Leonardo DiCaprio, I watched it again, keeping a close eye on his boyish good looks.

We missed the beginning, but I didn't really care. Whether you see the beginning or not, you still know it ends with a sinking ship.

Well, just as that ship was sinking, the water gushing in and filling the lower decks where my beloved Leo was traveling (who puts a hottie like that in steerage??), I started to hear running water. I ignored it for a minute, but it got so loud that Ed looked over at me and said, "What's that?" which prompted me to lower the volume on the 'ol sinking ship movie.

It was water; not just the sound of water. We got up to investigate and found water gushing from the ceiling in the bathroom. Ice cold water. Lovely. Just as I was getting all comfy in bed, dabbing the tears I was shedding for my dying Leo, James Cameron is yelling "Cue the water!" in my room. WTF?

Moving rooms in the cold dark of night is a real pain in the ass once you're in your jammies but at least now I can say that the movie, the second time around, was so real I actually felt like I was in one of those staterooms.

Well, minus all the dying and stuff.

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