Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Bottle And A Nap Would Be Nice

For anyone who doesn't know by now, Eddie is the King of Gadgets; and sadly, I am quickly becoming the Queen. We just bought two new laptops (his and hers), two ChillHubs (which I don't think chill anything), various accessories for said computers and the one item that Ed has been salivating over for weeks now; a wireless printer.

In addition to that, I just bought a new camera with a 4GB memory card (omg, I can take like 1200 pictures at one time!!), a camcorder, and I'm seriously contemplating a Blackberry or Treo device, since I like to have all my contacts in one place and it's time for me to replace my cell phone anyway.

With all these modern amenities that are for the most part essential for life anywhere, let alone on the road, there isn't much we can't do in our truck. We have a TV, DVD player, printer/scanner/copier, fax capabilities, refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, two Palms, a GPS, Bluetooth headsets, XM Radio, multiple telephone earpieces and our CB. Is it any wonder why Ed has our truck wired with a security system worthy of the Pentagon? I swear one of these days I'm going to trip a wire and wind up in jail! I may love all the gadgets, but I can't claim I know how to operate all of them!

Yet, with all these creature comforts, we still try to find ways to streamline our operation. Just the other day, Ed was talking about installing a pulley system to utilize the space at the very top of the truck, by creating a dumbwaiter of sorts for storage; fill the trays/boxes with the stuff that needs to be stored, press a button and voilĂ , everything is automatically lifted out of immediate view.

He concluded his presentation (all talking and hand waving, no video or sketches, thank God) and tried to close the sale by saying "It'll make your life easier."


"If my life were any easier" I said, "I'd be an infant."

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