Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hunt On Hold

The house hunting is on hold for now. We put in an offer on something we saw and after going back and forth several times, the sellers just wouldn't comply with our demands!

Seriously...they actually didn't. We requested what we wanted repaired/replaced and they didn't want to do it. So, we lost interest and cancelled any further dealings.

Now we're back on the road and have put a hold on the hunt for now. We may resume once we get back to town, but for now, it's internet searching only.

And if all else fails, it might be back to RV livin', which was our first choice anyway!!

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J said...

So sorry about that! People can be so weird during the house selling process. The guy we bought our house from was willing to blow the deal *at the closing table* over a washer and dryer. It was included in the P&S, they took it out when they moved their stuff out, and he refused to pay for it/reimburse.

Hope when it starts up again, it's fruitful quickly, and very smooth.