Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Probably Best To Not Piss Off The Devil

Last month I told you about Cletus, the leader of the Hillbilly Trio who were working on our truck. Well, today I was told he had been trying to get in touch with us to "settle up".

I guess he didn't understand when Ed told them he wasn't getting another dime of our money. When we left his shop, our truck was still not fixed properly and the money he was asking for is for work that was never authorized.

Ooops, sorry. I can understand how it might take a few more times before it sinks in, but if you weren't told to do it, don't take it upon yourself to install another part and then expect to be paid for it. Especially when said part does NOT fix the problem.

When I talked to him today, he cried poverty and told me that the check he wrote for the parts he bought bounced (as if it's my fault he wrote a bad check), screwed up his whole checking account, and that he really needed that extra money and his wife is going to have to sell her Jeep to cover his bank charges.

We had a little back and forth when I finally had to clear things up for him.

First of all, you are not getting any more of our money. Period. So stop telling me your bank account is all done messed up; it's not my fault you wrote a bad check.

Second, if a few thousand dollars is going to make your business go belly up, then you probably are as good a businessman as you are a mechanic. Which as we've noted, isn't all that good.

And third, it's unfortunate that your wife has to sell her Jeep, but quite honestly? I really don't care. You could tell me you have to sell your house to cover the insufficient funds fees and I still won't care.

Here's the tough lesson you had to learn: Don't write bad checks. Isn't that some sort of felony anyway?

Well. That's when he said this to me:

"I shoulda took you for the devil you are. I knew you were evil when I first laid eyes on you."

Well bless his heart. For a minute there, I thought he didn't like me.


Gil said...

I thought that the transmission still needs more work? You handled ole Cletus perfectly.

Paul Daniel Ash said...

OMG. That's classic I mean, it... you should have T-shirts made!

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Too, too funny!

MeHereNow said...

Cheeky git!!

I don't think you're evil.

The Daily Rant said...

Gil: When we left, the truck did need more work. We took it to a Freightliner and they had it diagnosed within 30 minutes and fixed by the next day.

Paul: I know! Isn't it fantastic? The best part is that I recorded our conversation so I can listen to him over and over say, "I shoulda took you for the devil you are." in that deep, Louisiana drawl. I might have to make it into a ringtone! lol

Heather: Good thing I'm not offended easily, huh? I am still laughing though.

Meherenow: Thanks! At least SOMEONE sees my angelic side! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! Ok that's just too funny! What a numb-nuts. I like the ring tone idea.

PS I read it to Stace and she laughed her butt off.

Decorina said...

Devil woman.

Unknown said...

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