Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Killer Rest Area

Ed stopped at this rest area to check the load and while he was outside, I took this shot.

It was just so creepy, like the kind of thing you'd see in a horror flick. The dimly lit rest rooms at the rest area, where the car full of teens stops to use the phone, but of course the phone doesn't work and there's someone lurking in the bathroom and even though each kid hears screams, one after the other, they keep going in to see what happened. Fools.

I was also a little surprised to see an actual phone booth. Are there still people out there who use them? And how much is a local call anymore? I remember when phone booths were a dime. And then they went up to a quarter. What's it cost now?


Lipstick Trucker said...

Yes that's a creepy shot. I guess that's one of the few rest area's that needs to be renovated. I refuse to go into those bathrooms. That's why this trucker carry's a little pee pee bucket in my truck.Not to mention I have an over active imagination and I'm thinking Freddy in in there, just waiting for me.

Nina said...

Okay, maybe you should be a part time writer! :) You are exactly right though, that is exactly how it would happen.

I'll have lots of food blogs over the next couple of days so stop in.

MAE said...

I totally agree. Totally creepy looking. Great story. You should write a book.

gdiesels said...

Great picture!