Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rest Comes For Robo-Ed

Sometimes I tease Ed that he's a robot, I even call him Robo-Ed. He can work on the truck all day without a break. He can drive for hours without as much as a pee break. He can get across the country in record time. He definitely has his down time, but there are the days when he's the Energizer Bunny, going from one task to the other.

And sometimes, he even gets to sleep. That's when I catch him like this and I not only get to look at his little heart shaped lips without him saying, "What are you looking at??" That's when I also get to take a shot like this.


MAE said...

Our sugar-sweet Eduardo. As cute asleep as awake. We love him!

Terry said...

He needs a custom hat...:)

Angela said...

haha @ tannedon

You're sneaky. If I snapped a photo like this of my sweetie, he'd kill me. If I posted it, he'd kill me, revive me and kill me again. tee hee