Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oceanfront Property At Lot 61003/94

Yesterday, after snorkeling in the early afternoon, we went for a drive around the island to explore a little. Generally, I don't think there is much to see - the island is sort of ugly in the interior, lots of scrub brush, run-down buildings, poor looking settlements and housing.

But then we came across a few incredibly large houses on the south side of the island. Still scrub-brushy and ugly driving up to them, but we followed the dirt roads (yes, incredibly rocky, potholed dirt roads) to get to them and once we got near the homes, we saw that they were all overlooking the ocean and most of them were gated.

We drove up one ridge, the road literally carved out of the side of the mountain and saw a few lots for sale. There was nothing standing in the way of blue skies and turquoise water. I suppose once you're ensconced behind your high walls and gated driveway, you don't really care much about the ugly scrub.

Guess that's what a million dollar view will do for you.

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