Sunday, October 19, 2014

Farm To Belly

This week we stopped at Wheat Montana Farms Bakery and Retail Store in Three Forks, Montana - Exit 274 off of I-90.  We planned on going to the Town Pump truck stop on the south side of the highway, but decided to turn north when we exited.  The side of their building says "Bakery" and "Deli" in giant letters that can be seen from the highway.  It was a no brainer.  
In addition to the wall of bread, rolls, and bagels, they had a bakery and deli case.  The place was pretty busy, so I couldn't get close enough to the main case to get pictures of the bakery items, but believe me when I say they had cinnamon rolls the size of an infant's head.  I didn't get one of those, as I was in the mood for a chocolate croissant.  Unfortunately that was normal sized, but delicious.
The store sells baseball caps and t-shirts - with clever sayings like "Stop and smell the flours" - in addition to crocks like the one below, mugs, candles, cookbooks, and other items.
You can also purchase large and small quantities of different types of flours and whole grains for baking.  They have flour and pancake mixes, cereal, specialty grains, oat groats, spelt, etc.  When we left, we chatted with a trucker parked next to us who bought a 50-pound bag of Prairie Gold Wheat for his daughter, who likes to bake bread.  They are known for their non-GMO products.
There is plenty of seating in the deli and if you can't stay for lunch, take it to go.  And don't forget to buy a cinnamon roll, muffin or croissant for later, to have with your evening cup of coffee.
There's plenty of truck parking and it's a great place to pick up something delicious to bring home to the family.

This is their corporate headquarters location and the store is open Monday through Sunday from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Wheat Montana Farms Bakery and Deli
10778 US Highway 287
Three Forks, MT  59752

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