Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Fruits Of My Internet Surfing Labor

Six Navajo on horseback.  Circa 1904.
I hate bugs of any kind.  But I might like them a little more if they dance for me.

I love time capsules.  They're even better when you can live in them.

There are some pretty decent bagels in other parts of the country but none compare to those of New York City.  It's gotta be the water, right?  

Show me the money.

Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as it looks. 

Serial is my new favorite podcast.  If you're not listening to it, you should be.  And believe me, the wait between episodes is almost unbearable.

If you have to work in an office, these put others to shame.  

I've been to every one of these with the exception of Athens, Georgia.  But I do have friends who recently visited...and they liked it.  Right, LWNFA?

I'm pretty sure she does wake up like this.  

And last, these stunning photos of Native Americans.  

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2013: They Never Talk About These In The Brochure
2012: A Day On The Giant Sleeping Frog
2011: Off The Board And In The Air

2010: Evening Fruits And Vegetables
2009: He Parks Like A Girl
2008: Out Cattin’ On Halloween
2007: The Bridges And A Cowboy
2006: What Happens When Time Falls Into The Wrong Hands
2005: Me


Anonymous said...

I hate bugs too. Terrified.

In the second grade we made time capsules so we could open them up at our graduation. (We were class of 2000) Well our senior year someone stole them - I don't know how as they would need a backhoe - they were buried 10 ft in the ground next to our High School football field. With no witnesses. Still missing to this day.

Thank you for the Native American Photos! I am not sure if I told you but i am 1/4 Navajo, 1/4 Hopi and 1/2 Pueblo (Laguna). My Great Uncle was a POW during WWII. Here is a link, his name was Frank Paisano Jr. That little girl in the photo is my grandmother. Her name is Elizabeth Wacondo (Paisano). She later became a well-known librarian and has a library named after her on the Laguna reservation in NM.

Also, my great-grandfather was Governor of our (Pueblo) tribe for 16 terms (32 years).

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention, on my father's side (Hopi/Navajo) my grandfather and two of his brothers were part of the 'Code Talkers'.

Have a great day and Safe Travels!

Your NA Friend :)

The Daily Rant said...

NA Friend: Your story is SO interesting! I don't think you've ever mentioned your the tribes you were associated with. Totally awesome.

I LOVE the photo of your grandmother. How incredible that your family history was documented like this. And Paisano - do that mean you have some Italian in your family somewhere?

I'm also very intrigued that your father's side of the family were part of the code talkers. I saw the movie "Wind Talkers" way back when it first came out, and my boyfriend had some interest in the code talkers, I remember him mentioning something about their history to me.

I can see why you're so proud of your Native American heritage. It's pretty amazing.

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