Sunday, April 09, 2017

Smoke Rings In The Light

Another weekend in the Godfrey-Lettera household means something cooked on the wood pellet smoker.  This Sunday it was another brisket.  

After six hours in the smoker, followed by three hours in the insulated cooler, the brisket was ready for eatin'.  When Ed unveiled the brisket, the photo below is what we saw...a six-pound piece of meat with a beautiful bark on it.

Known as "bark", this is the crispy outer surface.  There are pages and pages all over the internet on how to do this and people actually talk about it and share pictures in BBQ forums.
The next step to get to the yummy goodness is to break out our brand spankin' new electric knife and get to work carving.  Here's Ed going in for the first slice.
Once you've sliced into the brisket, you'll see what is known as the smoke ring - that pink edging all around the slice.
Ed kept slicing - I requested a few reeaaallly thin slices - and we sat down for a delicious dinner.  It was very tender and pretty delicious.  Ed eats it like he did growing up in Texas, with slices of raw onion, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and barbecue sauce for dipping.  We didn't have any Texas toast, but I didn't hear any complaining.  
The best part is that we have enough to keep Ed happy for the next week.  And at least one less meal a day I have to prepare.

Happy Sunday!

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