Monday, November 02, 2020

Humphrey Was Here First


Here we are crossing the Sacramento River in Rio Vista, California just as the sun greets the day.  Rio Vista is located in the Sacramento River Delta region of the Central Valley.  Rio Vista is home to the largest American endive producer of Belgian endive in the United States.  

And another thing I learned from the Wikipedia page on Rio Vista is that in 1985, a humpback whale lost its way and wound up in the Sacramento River, 60 miles upriver from the Pacific Ocean.  The whale was nicknamed "Humphrey" and attracted a lot of attention from curiosity seekers before it was eventually guided back to the ocean by rescuers.  In 2007, humpbacks were again sighted in Rio Vista - and mother and her calf named Delta and Dawn - stopping at least twice in the river near the town.  

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