Thursday, November 02, 2017

A Bird In The Hand

Ed and I recently ate at one of the newest restaurants on our side of town - Bird Modern Provisions and Bar.  I read a review in one of our local weekly magazines and thought we'd check it out.
First impressions were good.  I loved the bright, open layout and the decor was pleasing to the eye.  The bar, featured prominently when you enter the front door, is supposedly one of the biggest in the area.  
 I loved the floor tiles, artwork, and furnishings.  
We started with two appetizers.  The first was the Deviled Eggs ($8).  Whipped egg filling with a slight bacon flavor, garnished with mustard seed and a sprig of celery leaf.  They were good but the serving was two eggs (four halves) and I don't think they were so good that they were worth four dollars per egg.  I'd pass on these next time.  
 The second appetizer we tried - and only because I saw it at another table - were the Hushpuppies ($8).  Served in a bowl with a side of vinegary pepper jam, which was really more liquidy than jammy.
 They're supposedly made with heirloom corn - see it in there?  They were good, but how can you go wrong with a deep-fried ball of cornmeal batter?
We split a Wedge Salad ($10) which was dressed in buttermilk bleu cheese dressing, tomato, red onion, egg, and bacon.  It was good but overpriced, which seems to be a theme here.  I don't mind paying high prices for reeeaaallly good food, but so far I thought things were just average. 

The view was nice, though.

For our entree, we both got the same thing, the chicken.  The place is called Bird for a reason.   

And the star of Bird is their Fried Chicken ($19).  It's brined for 24-hours and served with honey Tabasco sauce, apple syrup, spiced watermelon chunks, and half a Belgian waffle.  Each serving included three pieces of chicken - a breast, a thigh, and a leg.

The chicken was delicious.  Insanely crispy, tasty seasoning, juicy inside.  The watermelon chunks were different with the spices and the waffle was definitely a nod to the South.  We've had chicken and waffles in Georgia, y'all.  It's a thing down there.
That said, I'm pretty sure I'll never go back there for fried chicken.  Six pieces of chicken for forty dollars?  I've had some pretty good fried chicken in my life and I'm not sure this is worth the price.  The sides aren't even really sides.   Some candied yams, some wicked-creamy mac n' cheese, even some badass slaw would've elevated this dish.  
There are a few other things on the menu I'd try, but I think I'll make the rounds at some other places before I head back to Bird. 

I'll start putting money aside now though, because even the hamburger is fourteen dollars.

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