Tuesday, November 14, 2017

No Flitting Taking Place

Clients waiting for their color transformations to take place.
I've been coloring my hair since I was a teenager.  At that time I used colors that my Poppy (maternal grandfather) said, "weren't natural".  I beg to differ - eggplant color is found in nature, and the purple tone looked great with my brown hair.

I've never had a desire to be blond, and never did highlights when all my friends were doing it (hello, high school).  My first attempt was an utter disaster.  My second attempt - hair pulled through a cap (by Ed) and highlighted - was much better.

Last Saturday I went to my local salon to get color done professionally.  I combed the internet for examples and brought two examples I thought were reasonably achievable.  After two hours of sitting in the chair getting "foiled" and then more time under the heat lamp, I was ready.  

I wasn't in love.  It was....brassy.  We went outside to check it in the sunlight.  Too gold.  So she toned it down a little and it was, well, less gold.  She styled it and I went home.  Over the weekend I decided I didn't like the color and wanted to go back, but the salon was closed Sunday and Monday and I wasn't sure if I'd still be in town on Tuesday, so I panicked a bit.  But then our load canceled and I was able to make an appointment for a re-color.  I had her add more brown, with a sort of eggplant-ish tint (Sorry, Poppy). 

The name of the salon is Gadabout.  According to Merriam-Webster, Gadabout means "a person who flits about in social activity".  I'm not really feeling it, the social activity and all.

I took the picture above while I was sitting at the table with foils in my hair, to record a moment at the salon that at one time would have been an opportunity for ladies to gossip or share recipes or swap stories about their kids.  But today, in 2017, not one woman looked up from her device.  I looked around to catch an eye - there were six other ladies at the table - but no one looked back.

So I spent my time reading magazines.  

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