Sunday, November 19, 2017

Cycling About Town

Ed and John before the ride.
Yesterday Ed rode in the 35th Annual El Tour de Tucson bicycle event, which this year drew nearly 9,000 cyclists. 

Ed's been riding more since we've been home and lately, he's been out with our neighbor John (an animated Welshman) on the bike loop in our area, logging 30+ miles each time they go out.  He wasn't really "training" because we didn't think we'd be here for the event - our run changed after Ed registered for the ride - but he wanted to stay a little bit in shape for the portion he signed up for, should he be able to attend.  Luckily, he was able to participate.

El Tour has five major ride routes - 28, 76, 54, 76, and the whole enchilada, 106 miles.  Last year Ed did the 37-mile route.  This year he did 54 miles.  Ed and John started the ride together, but they wouldn't be staying side-by-side through the course.  Each would go at their own pace and meet up at the finish line.
Ed at the start line of the 54-mile ride.
It was sunny and warm, about 80 degrees at midday, with a little breeze.  The 54-mile ride had 1,149 riders in it.  This is a panoramic view of the group waiting to begin.
A panorama of the cyclists at the start point of the 54-mile ride.
Here's a map of the route Ed rode.  If you're not from here, it doesn't mean much, but from the start line up into the Catalina Foothills is all uphill.  Then, as he rode up into Oro Valley toward Catalina State Park, it's also uphill.  I'm always amazed when I see him blazing up the hills.  I find the hills, especially the long, gradual ones, to be killers.  I can't handle it, my legs burn like crazy.
The 54-mile Route.
Ed finished the 54-mile ride in 3 hours, 50 minutes, and 1.87 seconds.  His average speed was 14.1 miles per hour.  He arrived at the finish line with a smile on his face, as always, and went to collect his medal before posting for my official photo.    

Congratulations, Baby!  Great job!
Ed with his medal at the finish line.
Next year, the 76-mile ride?

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