Wednesday, November 19, 2014


If you haven't heard about the snow in Buffalo, New York, you must live under a rock.  In the dessert.  Where there's only sand and sun.  Because this is amazing.

These are pictures from my friend Gary.  He was stuck all day yesterday, overnight, and into today just south of Buffalo.  In the lane of traffic.  Everything was closed down so although he could have moved - he's got the awesome Onspot Automatic Tire Chains - he said there was no point since he couldn't go anywhere.  
He was the lead truck, sitting first in line at the stoplight.  He said he had a good view of everything happening in the intersection.  There was an "upscale" Sunoco gas station about fifty feet away where he said about twenty people were hanging out, some of them sleeping on the floor.
The snow was epic.  This was Buffalo's first snowstorm of the season and it's already dropped 5 feet of snow and they're expecting another 3 feet.  That's more than they usually get all year.  It was quick and unrelenting.  The snow removal services couldn't keep up.

Of course, I'm the only one I know who wants to be there.  I love snow.  I love record-breaking snow.  And I kinda love the idea of being stranded.  Gary understood.  He texted me saying, "It's so whacked here it's kinda fun, you know what I mean?"  I said, "I totally know what you mean."  "I knew you'd understand." he said.  And I do.  

Of course, Gary has a big sleeper truck.  Not as big as ours, but bigger than standard truck sleepers.  And he had full fuel tanks, which is his winter plan - always be full of fuel and food.  He had food in the truck and they were sitting around watching TV while others were in their cars, presumably cursing the fact that they decided to go out in the snow.  Even other big trucks have it better off  than a regular passenger car.  Even with full fuel tanks in a standard sleeper truck, you can idle continuously for days.  

Buffalo is expecting more snow in the next few days.  Unfortunately we'll be in the Carolinas.  But I told Ed I'm ready to go snow tubing again, because it really was totally like Sochi.

I need to go buy a winter coat first.  And maybe boots.

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Gil said...

Poor baby missed all the fun by going to DC. Now that I'm ancient, I don't miss snow. Although, I used to be like you in my youth.