Sunday, November 23, 2014

Eddie Needs A New Tuque

After the Buffalo snowstorm last week, we decided we had to double-check our winter wear supply.  The weather has been pretty cold although we haven't encountered snow yet.  Last year I cut up one of Ed's hats to make a neck warmer for him, and we couldn't find the other one, so we had to shop.  He really needs something that covers his ears for when the wind is whipping around outside.  

I've been out here for ten years and rarely wear a winter jacket.  I have one from last year that I use but I kinda hate it.  I wore it snow tubing and it was adequate, but I had to wear too many layers underneath for it to be comfortable, I felt like one of those kids bundled up so much they can't move.  So I'm trying to find something thin but with goose down inside.  Yeah, right.  It's been a challenge since everything looks like something the Michelin Man would wear.  

We were in a truck stop tonight and saw the display above, with a few different types of hats to choose from.  Ed said, "Can you see someone taking that ski mask off the rack and walking up to the register with it??"  Doesn't seem smart to sell a ski mask in what's essentially a gas station.  You don't want to make it too easy for the crooks!

But since I don't want to wait until we get to a real store to get Ed a nice hat, we bought one for four bucks at the truck stop.  Not the ski mask one.  It'll get him through the next few cold snaps, and protect his delicate little ears.

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