Saturday, November 01, 2014

November In North Carolina

First day of November and we get stuck in a two hour backup on Interstate 40 in North Carolina.

Because of SNOW.  What the hell?

When we left South Carolina Sunday morning, the weather was a little drizzly.  Saturday had been sunny and warm, but overnight it turned.  We hadn't been watching TV, read no news online and had no idea what was going on so as we made our way up Interstate 26, we encountered rain and dropping temperatures.

Then I saw a few patches of snow, just south of Asheville.  Snow?  Already?

I love snow.  Any amount, any time.  But I was surprised to see it this early.

In this area, just south of the Tennessee state line, the road winds through the Pisgah National Forest.  It's a beautiful stretch of road that snakes through the mountains.  Trucks are relegated to the right lane which we're constantly reminded of by the "No Trucks In Left Lane" markings painted on the road, every few miles, throughout this entire stretch of highway.  Everything was moving along nicely, until we encountered a stopped line of trucks in front of us.

Cars whizzed past in the left lane - fools that they are, driving too fast for the conditions - but we just sat there.  When we did move, it was at a pace of three to five miles an hour.  For two hours.  You'd have thought they were experiencing epic snowfall, but that wasn't the case.

I've seen less snow in a snow globe.  

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Gil said...

I have friends that moved there from Jersey to escape the snow. I told them they wouldn't escape snow entirely, but would escape the amounts that NJ got last year. Too funny!