Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I Led The Turtle Convoy

We just finished a team run that involved us and two other trucks.  A mini-convoy of sorts.  I hated it.

It wasn't a long run, only 900 miles, but running with two other teams means we have to coordinate load checks, breaks and any necessary stops because all three trucks must stay together.  It also meant we had to run with the CB on, which I despise.  When I drive at night I want to talk on the phone, enjoy the silence, or listen to my podcasts.  I don't like the serene environment of my cab to be broken by radio squawk.  

The worst part of it all is having to coordinate driving speed.  The last two times we did this, the other trucks agreed to our 58 mile-per-hour turtle-esque driving speed, but on this run the other team wanted to drive 67 miles-per-hour.  Sixty-seven!!

We compromised at 62, but that's still a bit too fast for my liking so I mostly stayed around 60.  In the last hour before delivery one of the other drivers was worried that we wouldn't make our appointment time and wanted to "step it up" to 65.  Yeah, because wasting fuel and driving faster in morning traffic to get there eleven minutes sooner is a good idea.

I mumbled some version of "yeah, sure" over the CB but didn't increase my speed.  My comfort level and safety are more important than some appointment time the receiver never adheres to anyway.  We wound up getting there exactly as Ed and I anticipated we would and surprise!, made the appointment time.

Which again proves Ed's oft-repeated mantra:  Slow and steady wins the race.

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Gil said...

Do you ever see any of the NA$CAR haulers during your travels? I followed some out of Loudon, NH and left off the gas at about 70. I wonder how fast the really go?

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: We do see the NASCAR haulers - all the time. I think they probably do the speed limit or a smidge above. They always seem to be blowing by us no matter where they're headed. In fact, twice we've seen people on the sides of the highways and waiting on overpasses to watch the trucks go by - I guess they know when the races are over and where they're headed next and want to see the groups of trucks as they're traveling there. I have to say - they are a colorful bunch of rigs.