Saturday, November 05, 2011

What Would You Think If You Saw A Grown Woman Climbing Out Of A Big Rig Wearing Pajamas?

I love Fall and Winter, but I hate Fall and Winter clothing. I hate Spring and Summer, but I love Spring and Summer clothing.


Cool weather clothing I'm not really in love with: Jeans, sweaters, coats. Boots, clunky shoes, sneakers and oh, did I mention boots? Gloves, hats, scarves. Hate, hate, hate. I love the way they look, I like the idea of all the layering, and I like when I see it on other people. But I have this inborn hatred of heat, sweating and feeling like I can't move because I have too many clothes on, that I can't wear any of it.

Hot weather that's for me. Capris, t-shirts, skirts. Flip-flops, flip-flops, and flip-flops. Tanks, lightweight breezy fabrics, feeling free. If I could wear flip-flops and any combination of clothing when it's sixty degrees out I'd be very happy, but I also know how ridiculous I would look when other people are wearing puffy down coats. WTF??

It's maddening for me to get dressed. Today was a gorgeous, sunny day in New Jersey. Looking out of my kitchen window, I see orange leaves on the trees and people walking around in various states of dress; mostly jeans, but some in flannel shirts, some in sweatshirts, some in coats. I don't know why I do this because the way other people dress never have any bearing on how I dress, but I thought I'd be able to tell if it was sunny-warm or sunny-cool. Turns out, I just have to open the door and feel the air. It was sunny-cool.

OK, so that means I can wear some version of Fall-ish clothing, right? Jeans, a sweatshirt, long sleeves. But here's the thing...I can't. Because I know I'll go somewhere that'll be hot and I'll have to leave. Ed and I went out to dinner one night and the place was so ungodly hot that I couldn't even wait for our drink order to arrive at the table. We just got up and left.

And today, we went to the mall. Malls are always like saunas for me. Throngs of people, skylights letting in all that sun, stores that put the heat on at the appearance of the first chilly day. An hour in a hot mall makes me crazy; probably saves me tons of money, but makes me crazy nonetheless.

I've been like this my entire life. When I was little, I'd hate wearing a hat and scarf, layers, feetsie pajamas. I've written about the pajamas before, and how my mother would cut the feet off because they were too hot and confining.

I'd love to be able to wear footless pajamas everywhere. With flip-flops. I can buy them in lightweight and heavyweight fabrics, matching the color to the season and be super-comfortable because they're roomy with elastic waistbands.

Heeeyy, that might just work.

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