Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Is It Really A Sandwich?

What's the deal with the open-faced sandwich?

I had an "open-faced" roast beef sandwich last night for dinner. It was quite delish....thinly shaved roast beef, over sourdough bread with a side of mashed potatoes, all covered in brown gravy.

I did a little search in my dictionary and one of the definitions of sandwich is "one slice of bread covered with a filling."

But is it really a sandwich when the main ingredient isn't between the two slices of bread?

OK, I know this may be a bit of a lame post, but I poked myself in the eye with the edge of an envelope and I can't see a damn thing right now. I am typing with one eye barely open.

I think I may have sliced my cornea. OK, that's a little drastic, but if you could see me, you'd think that my left eye was one big tear duct, since that's all it is addition to blurring my vision.

Eddie thinks I'll look sexy with an eye patch but I think he just wants me to say "Argggh!". Well, that is not gonna happen. He's just going to have to play pirate with someone else because I'm donning my eye patch and going to bed.

Shiver me timbers! Argggghhh.


MamaKBear said...

Sounds like something from Petro...I had an open-faced turkey sandwich before...I wondered the same thing about whether it should even be called a sandwich.

I had to flinch when you mentioned your eye...I got poked in the eye with a straw by a 2 yr old once...scratched my cornea...hurt like hell...couldn't open my good eye, 'cuz the hurt one would try to open too and YOWTCH!

*shudder* hope your eye feels better soon!

alwswrite said...

I think the concept of the open-faced sandwich is troubling because we so often use "sandwich" as a verb: As in "I've got one day of vacation sandwiched between two hellishe weeks of work." Still, so delicious.

Hope your eye feels better. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mise en Place said...

OK. Who are you? What have you done with my friend? Talking about topless sandwiches, pirates, eye patches and saying words like "arrrrrrrgh." Oh my. LOL!

At least your time hell will be only half as traumatizing with just one eye. Just make sure you work it baby, work it.



lime said...

just so long as he doesn't aask youto bring a parrot into the bedroom i think you'll be fine...hope it heals up ok