Monday, November 28, 2005


I created this poster with a picture of my mother because she once, entirely unintentionally, almost burned my brother's house down while trying to cook him a meal. You'd really have to have him tell the story, it will have you in tears. Let's just say she's easily distracted. She likes shiny things.
I will be staying with her for the next week or so, which means I will most likely have some stories for the blog. She's always good material to fill a day or so.


lime said...

i hope you packed your asbestos undies for your visit! very cute post. can't wait to hear the stories

Katie said...

The "easily distracted" and "likes shiny things" reminds me of Dory on Finding Nemo... lol

If you haven't seen it, you should! I have seen it HUNDREDS of times because it was my son's favorite for a long time!

Have a good vist with your mom, I look forward to your funny stories!