Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Blond Moment

If you choose to be blond, when naturally you're not, please make sure you have the time and the money to keep up with it.

Four inch roots are really unattractive.


alwswrite said...

Amen, sistah! That's why I went red nine years ago. I mean, I'm naturally fair-haired anyway, but oy vey, the upkeep and the damage from bleaching it to blonde! I can go four months without retouching my copper locks. Clairol Complements Semi-Permanent; It works like a dream.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. You could have just said something to me! And it's not four inches. It's only three.

I have a mind to rescind your 'Official Lodge Photographer" status for outing me on my bad roots!


MamaKBear said...

Hey! I might resemble that remark!

I have 2 small children and a husband...gimme a break, will ya? :)

CozyMama said...

naturally blonde here!