Saturday, November 23, 2013

Quickly Losing Count

If television repeats had a queen, my mother would wear the crown.  She can watch the same TV show, the same movie, hundreds of times, sometimes even just days apart.  She has an extremely long list of those she calls her "favorites".  The number very well may be in the hundreds.

I watch TV shows and movies more than once also, but I'm selective and the list isn't as long.  I can probably come up with at least twenty, new and old, off the top of my head that I can easily watch over and over again.


1.  Friends

2.  King of Queens

3.  Monk

4.  Everybody Loves Raymond

5.  Modern Family

6.  My So-Called Life

7.  Will & Grace

8.  NCIS

9.  CSI: Miami

10.  The Mentalist


1.  The Shawshank Redemption

2.  A Few Good Men

3.  Dirty Dancing

4.  Blood Diamond (Leonardo DiCaprio!)

5.  The Departed (Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon)

6.  Closer

7.  If Lucy Fell

8.  Serendipity

9.  The Intouchables

10.  A Star Is Born (Streisand, Kristofferson)

11.  A Walk On The Moon (Viggo!)

12.  The Notebook

13.  Unfaithful

14.  Pretty Woman

15.  Primal Fear

16.  Something's Gotta Give

17.  Sweet Home Alabama

18.  Hope Floats

19.  The Family Stone

20.  The Piano

21.  Amélie

22.  Beautiful Girls

Oh my God!  Make me stop!!  I'm already at thirty plus shows and movies.  And I'm not even done yet.  I can't keep track!

At this rate, I can easily find myself close to the hundred mark. 

I am turning into my mother.

Time to start shopping for my very own La-Z-Boy.

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Marlaina said...

Haha. I was thinking as I was reading this, you ( meaning YOU) are going to be surprised at the end of this post.

As my mother likes to say, the apple never falls far from the tree!

Gil said...

I'll go for King of Queens (watching now) and Raymond. Also, Seinfeld, Two and a Alf Men, and Three's Company if they are on.

Gil said...

Forgot to mention that I've always wanted to try the Lemon Ice at the King of Ices (?).