Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Best Sound Is Sometimes No Sound At All

Old Train Bridge in Columbia, NJ
With our schedule, and while we're working, there's no telling when I'll be up, driving, sleeping. It's all dictated by freight. Do we have to load early in the morning? Is it a team load? Do we have to be up to check in with a security gate?

That's my least favorite, having to check in with a guard somewhere.  Can't you just come out to the truck, look at me, look at my ID and let me go back to sleep?  Do I have to get dressed and come inside?  You're right there.  Just stick your head out.  And who would sneak in here anyway?

I like having no set schedule.  I know drivers who do shifts, driving generally the same hours all the time.  They have regularity.  I don't like doing that, I kinda like having different hours on different days.  

The hardest part comes when we're off for a few days or home for a few days - then we become regular.  Up during day hours - albeit, sometimes waking very late in the morning - and going to bed like regular people at night.  We get into a routine, which generally works, but then when we go back on the road, we're all screwed up.

I'm mostly a night owl, but I also like being up in the very early morning hours when no one else is around.  No TV, no talking, no one else breathing to ruin my silence.  Sometimes I even hate hearing the truck or generator running.  After we do a team run where the truck doesn't stop for say, two or three days straight, I can't wait to turn it off and hear nothing.  I feel instantly relaxed once the purr that usually puts me to sleep, ceases.

We're home now, and sleeping at night without the truck running is weird.  It's so quiet.  I slept with the window opened last night - it's very cool in the desert at night this time of year - and there's hardly anything that makes noise out here.  No crickets.  No neighborhood dogs.  Well, that's a good thing.

The sounds of silence.

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