Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Price Of Relaxing

Is $9.99, apparently. 

I haven't taken a I've never used a bath salt in my life.  Hell, I don't even know what they're really for.  Make the water softer?  Make your body cleaner?  Make bathing more relaxing?  Do people even take baths anymore? 

My life is already pretty relaxed, and in my off time I turn into an actual sloth,  so I don't really need any ideas on how to relax.  But maybe you do.  Here are 10 ways the internet suggests you relax.  Try one.

1.  Take a catnap.

2.  Sip Green Tea.

3.  Meditate.  This is a popular one.

4.  Breathe.  Not just regular breaths, but special breaths. 

5.  Take walks in nature.

6.  Get a massage.

7.  Exercise.  Yeah, whatever.

8.  Listen to music.

9.  Laugh.  My favorite.

10.  Kiss.  I would assume they don't mean just anyone.

So how do you relax?

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Anonymous said...

How do I relax I go play over 40's rugby. After the game feel refreshed or is that after the beer:)

MAE said...

I watch tv or play my computer games.