Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Sun Shines For All Cyclists

This is the Bike Church Sanctuary in Tucson, Arizona.  It's a permanent memorial dedicated to bicyclists who have been killed in traffic accidents.

It can be found in the Barrio Anita neighborhood  Taken from the website, Barrio Anita was "first platted in 1903.  Over 90 percent of this historic Hispanic barrio had been built by 1920, with the remainder built prior to WWII. Early neighborhood dwellings were built in the Sonoran Tradition of adobe with flat roofs, later dotted with Queen Anne and American Territorial styles at the end of the 19th century. Beginning in the 1930’s The Oury Park Tigers baseball team used to bring out 400 fans at a time in what is now the David G. Herrera/Ramon Quiroz Park. Once home to an irrigation canal which watered trees and gardens, the barrio also contained numerous Chinese grocery stores; only the Anita Street Market, known for its tortillas and burritos, continues today."

For a little more information and a few pictures of the Bike Church, click

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