Friday, November 29, 2013

The Lady In 7A

Photo courtesy of Elan Gale
The best thing to happen yesterday other than my turkey turning out utterly delicious, is THIS.

Some people will look at this and think Elan (the guy in the story) was out of line because of what he did.  Or, they won't like his language.  I think he could have done with out the dick part, but everything else I agree with.

This woman was reaming out a flight attendant because she wanted to get home for Thanksgiving.  Personally, if it were so important to her to be where she was going, perhaps she shouldn't have traveled ON Thanksgiving. 

And more people need to call people like Diane out on their bullshit.  I'm extremely intolerant, and very opinionated, but when it comes to service people in positions like this - they don't fly the friggin' plane, people - you need to shut your mouth.  And if you can't or don't shut your mouth, someone needs to tell you to do so.  This woman wasn't the only one on that plane.

See Elan's follow-up to the situation
on his blog.

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