Sunday, November 29, 2009

Big Trucks + TV = Big Truck TV

Guess what? I've started a new writing venture!

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Dan Robinson, the Senior Field Producer at who asked if I would be interested in being one of the industry expert bloggers on their website. We exchanged a few emails, talked about what he was looking for from me and I put together my first blog post. It just went up this weekend on the site!

Big Truck TV is a "business knowledge media company" and their website features articles and videos dealing with all sorts of issues in the trucking industry; environment, technology, human resources, maintenance, safety & regulations, finance, fleet operations and more. From their most recent newsletter, this is how they describe their operation:

Big Truck TV is a free resource to all in the trucking industry. We have sought out the best practices from fleets and experts across North America and produced compelling video based case studies and expert point of views. This is a resource we encourage you to use as a learning tool and share it with your peers across your organization. Video is an engaging, dynamic, powerful and effective way to communicate and teach others and Big Truck TV has the largest relevant library of video in the entire trucking industry. Make Big Truck TV your knowledge resource and keep on top of the game to drive results to your bottom line!
I'm excited to be part of the bloggers over there and seem to be in pretty good company as the other bloggers include company CEO's, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, marketing gurus and even a PhD! There are several other women in the group, including Ellen Voie who is the President & CEO of the Women In Trucking Association, but I'm the only owner-operator in the bunch.

You can
read my first post titled "Do You Have An Owner-Operator Mindset?" by clicking HERE. Many thanks to my Eddie, who helped me mesh my knowledge of entrepreneurship (I have several in my family) with his knowledge of being a successful owner-operator. I'm very happy with the outcome of the post, but I'd love to know what you think!

Check out some of the other bloggers here and to read their posts, just click on the words "Read the Blog" next to their mini-bios.


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lacy lee said...

congrats, girl! Sounds exciting!

Jane said...

Hey… congratulations dear… It’s a great news.. And a lovely moment to cherish the very exciting fair with the results almost you done it..!!

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Gil said...

Just read your post. It seems like you are off to a real good start.

swedishlina said...

I just wanted to congratulate you on being asked to be one of their bloggers. It must be great to be recognised, being a woman in a mans world. So the best of luck to you.....

Unknown said...
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Dixie said...

Your knowledge and expertise is quite professional. You definitely have the talent for writing..We are very proud of you..and of course Eddie's talent for helping you learn the business.
Ed's mom

all things bradbury said...

brad and i both thought the new blog was amazing....well written and very informative.... you posed the right (& basic) questions for people to give serious thought to before jumping into the o/o scenario... we're looking forward to reading more over there!... congratulations on being chosen.... or maybe i should be congratulating them for snagging you for the job!

Anonymous said...

That's fabulous! You write so well and have so much to impart. Wonderful news and will check it out.