Friday, November 13, 2009

Breaking A Leg Doesn't Always Mean Good Luck

This sticker is actually ON OUR TRUCK. Placed strategically below the door opening and above the steps, it's visible only when the door is open.

You'd think people would know how to climb in and out of a vehicle, wouldn't you? But in a truck, sometimes it's tricky. It takes my mother a full ten minutes to climb two steps and situate herself in the seat; a seat that raises and lowers with air so somtimes it's in a very high position and difficult to slide your ass onto. And trust me, she's a person that needs to have three limbs in contact with the truck at all times.

That said, I've seen Ed fall right out of the truck because he wasn't holding on properly. One minute, I was sitting in the passenger seat talking to him and the next minute, whoosh! he was gone. His foot missed the step and he fell to the ground.

I shouldn't make light of that incident though, because I've done the very same thing; I just didn't have any witnesses. In my defense though, it was winter so things were a little slipperier than usual. I was using just one hand to pull myself up as I was climbing, when my foot slipped on the step. Picture my entire body hanging from one hand. I think I actually dangled. I was hanging on so tight with that hand that my body twisted and smacked against the truck. I'm no lightweight either, so my whole body hanging by one hand was quite a feat.

I came to learn the proper way to get into the truck and I'm usually pretty good about doing it the right way now. Getting hurt would not only interfere with my ability to work, but it would also get in the way of my play time. I've already tripped into the sleeper and practically broken a hip.

I don't need to fall out of the truck and break a leg.

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Gil said...

The title of this post scared the you know what out of me. Gals you or Eddie didn't break any legs or anything else!

Gil said...
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Rita said...

you make me laugh so..I can just see you slapping the truck while holding on with one hand.. I am glad you nor Ed get hurt but it sure is funny!