Thursday, November 12, 2009

There's No Whey In The Way Of This Delicious Treat

A few months back, I wrote Ode To Milk, telling all about my love affair with the Moo Juice. But now, I have to share with you another love....a love of curd.

I have discovered the most delicious cottage cheese on the face of the earth, and if you're a cottage cheese eater, you'll want to pay close attention, because this is a regional item that not everyone has the pleasure of getting their hands on, and I'm going to tell you all about it since the chances are none if its deliciousness will ever touch your tongue. I know, that's kinda mean.
Made with the same delicious moo juice, Michigan Brand Cottage Cheese is by far the most superior brand I've ever eaten (the one with the dark blue label).

I'm not sure about people who eat it as depicted below, with a salad or doused with pepper, because I'm strictly a fruit and cottage cheese sort of girl. My fruit of choice are pears - they must be
Del Monteany other brands are just too mushy - and I only eat the pear halves, not slices.  Myy very favorites are the cinnamon-flavored ones. If pears aren't available, I'll go with one of the following; pineapple chunks, cantaloupe, strawberries, peaches and every once in a while, fruit cocktail. Fruit only.

From the distributors website, Michigan Brand Cottage Cheese is described as follows:
"Michigan Brand Cottage Cheese was developed in 1929 by a German immigrant in Michigan. He produced what is called "Old Fashioned" or "Farmers" cheese. This cottage cheese is very dry and small curded. Because the product is so dry it will have a longer shelf life than other cottage cheeses."
I didn't know there was such thing as "old fashioned", but I do know that I hate soupy, wet, fat-curd cottage cheese. Preference, I know. But these tight, small, dry little curds are amazing. I love the texture.

I discovered it earlier this year in Columbus, Ohio at the local Meijer store. I also discovered that not everyone carries it.  Meijer is only located in five states; Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. So every time I'm in one of those states, I hit up Meijer and stock up on the cottage cheese.

It's distributed by a company called I & K Distributors, who I've contacted to try to locate other stores who carry it, but I've been unsuccessful.  (Update:  I & K has been bought by Lipari Foods and they did respond to my request but said their distribution list is too vast to provide.)

It would be helpful to have a list (or even a handful) of grocery store names so I don't have to limit my search to Meijer stores. Someone else must carry this stuff...but who?? I can't be whippin' my eighteen-wheeler into grocery stores all over the country just to pop in and check their dairy case. I'm a girl who needs a plan.  An easy-to-execute, fastest-way-to-the-cottage-cheese kind of plan!

It's a little strange to be going on about a food item like this, especially cottage cheese, but I've since discovered that it has a bit of a cult following and I'm right up there with the rest of the freaks who travel far and wide to find it. Tomorrow, after we pick up our load, I'll be visiting the Meijer in the Chicago area and stocking my truck with at least a month's worth, if not more. Because just like the company blurb says, it lasts FOREVER.

In fact, I'm thinking maybe I need to start a little cottage cheese smuggling ring - there's got to be people out there who would be interested in having this hard-to-find item shipped to them, right? I wonder what Meijer will think when I go in and buy 53 containers of cottage cheese??

Little Miss Muffet would be super-jealous of my curds. They are WAY better than hers.

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Ro said...

And some say I am, what's the word...FUSSY! For those who cannot indulge in Moo Juice (without discomfort!), Lactaid brand makes a dairy free cottage cheese...finally someone hears the cries (and other noises) of the lactose intolerant!!

Unknown said...

I'm with you, I don't like soupy wet cottage cheese. I'll have to keep an eye out for this one!

BeadWhisperer said...

"WHEY better than hers....." I've never had dry cottage cheese. I must try that. The soupy stuff annoys me. And cinnamon is good on CC too. (Although around here apple butter is used, ack)

Marlaina said...

Farmer's curd cottage cheese is almost impossible to find in the US. My mother get's it in Canada, it is made with the method from the "old country." She uses it in her perogies, they are so awesome good, my favorite, favorites. Anytime she wants me to come home to visit this is all she needs to produce. I will try a Meijer soon.

MickyMoist said...

I just moved out to Michigan from Minnesota about a year ago and discovered Michigan Brand Cottage Cheese. If you ever find out what other stores get it let us know. I'm trying to tell my mom in Minnesota how good it is but words don't describe it.

The Daily Rant said...


As I said, I usually buy it in Ohio - in fact, we just went through Columbus and I stocked up with four containers. I have been all over the country and have not found it anywhere else but that Midwest area. Believe me, I look for it.

I'm trying to think of ways to create a cottage cheese smuggling ring. Any ideas? LOL

Rebecca said...

Oh my dearest Michigan Brand Cottage Cheese, how I miss you terribly!

After 10+ years outside a Meijer area (insert Texas, Oregon, California here) and a pregnancy induced cottage cheese craving (talk about miserable!), I have found 1 type I can eat with pleasure - the Breakstone Individual Servings (tried the larger tub and it was a no-go). I did get the one with the live-active cultures, I ate one after scooping the yogurt off the top, and ate another by just mixing it up - both were tasty.

I've also been told the Freiendship brand California Style is good, but have not yet located and tried this one.

Good luck to all!

The Daily Rant said...

Rebecca: I have four containers in my fridge right now - we just stopped at a Meijer in Columbus, OH. I have given other brands a chance, but none measure up. You know what you might want to try? Take cheesecloth and line a strainer with it. Position the strainer over a bowl. Dump your container of cottage cheese into the cheesecloth-lined strainer and put the bowl in the fridge overnight. I would cover the top of it with plastic wrap or aluminum foil just to keep air and other stuff out of it. This will drain all the liquid from your cottage cheese, creating a "farmer's cheese" similar to the consistency of the Michigan Brand stuff. At least it won't be soupy!

Ellie M. said...

I'm from Indiana and my mother and I love Michigan Brand Cottage Cheese (The dark blue label)and since moving 14 hours away to South Carolina I know we're both dying to get our hands on some! If anyone knows the website I can order some for her and I please let me know! You can email me here >(
Thanks! Ellie

Anita D said...

I too grew up in Indiana near Chicago but live in Eastern Washington State now. Michigan Brand was my absolute favorite. It was funny I was thinking about that cottage cheese on my drive to work this morning and found this blog by searching for Michigan Brand. Thank you for the memories.

The Daily Rant said...

ELLIE: I don't know why I didn't respond to this way back, but I feel your pain! LOL I don't know of any places to order it online. I swear I need to start dealing it. :)

ANITA: I just picked more up last weekened when we were in Elkhart, IN. Like I said to Ellie above, maybe I need to get into shipping this stuff overnight to people who crave its deliciousness! :)

Anonymous said...

Some Walmart stores actually carry Michigan brand cottage cheese, and it's the only Eason I set foot inside one of their stores!

judy said...

Dear anonymous,
Can you please share which Walmart might
carry Michigan brand Cottage cheese?
I recently moved from Ohio to Arizona
And miss my cottage cheese... I've tried
Every one I can find out here, including
The Lucerne brand from Safeway... GROSS
Please advise and I will ck all Walmart
Stores in my area.. Thank you for the

The Daily Rant said...

JUDY: I believe Anonymous meant that some of the Walmart stores in the Midwest carry Michigan Brand, and she would be right - I have found it in a few Walmarts there.

I live in Tucson, AZ and none of the stores there carry the product. I have not found it anywhere outside of the Midwest and I travel all over the country, to every state. I usually buy it in Columbus, OH and have always had luck with the Meijer stores. I've also found it in Fort Wayne and Elkhart, IN and a Meijer store in Michigan. The reason I always go to the Columbus, OH store is because it's right off Interstate 70 and easy to get in and out of in a truck.

I have 8 containers in my fridge right now - it lasts FOREVER - and I always make sure I have at least 6 on hand. This way, when I'm home in Arizona, I don't ahve to have gross cottage cheese. LOL

I keep saying I have to start a Michigan Brand Cottage Cheese smuggling ring! Maybe the time is near. :)

Anonymous said...

a very few Kroger stores in the cinti area carry it- Bellevue, Newport. although not there last time I shopped :-(

Anonymous said...

I buy my Michigan cottage cheese at Kroger. I think it's been at every one I've shopped at here in Columbus.

Earlier this morning, I was looking online for info on it - randomly - and I found it's located at Giant Eagle


Gofer (no idea what this is...)

Hope that will help some of you who are craving this lovely product!


- Laura

The Daily Rant said...

Laura: Thanks for the links! And the options for those looking for this dreamy cottage cheese. It really is one of those "once you have it you'll never want anything else" foods.

Anonymous said...

Whoever the girl is that wrote this is pretty amazing... I agree 100% with her about the everything on this product...I'm actually in Arizona looking for it cause I lived in Michigan for five years and discovered it durring that time...

The Daily Rant said...

ANONYMOUS: Thanks for calling me amazing! LOL

I live in Arizona and I haven't found it anywhere. But because I do travel, I make sure I get it when I can. I actually have 8 containers in my fridge right now.

I really do need to figure out a way to get this stuff to people, huh?

Gil said...

Did you ever try Cabot Cottage from Vermont?

Unknown said...

Nothing compares to Michigan cottage cheese. I've eaten it for 40 years. I usually mix it with whatever I'm eating or just put pepper on it. In Indianapolis it's available at Kroger and Marsh...very popular here.

The Daily Rant said...

DARRIN: Obviously, you know how great it is! I'm thrilled to hear it's available in Indianapolis, too. So, all the Kroger and Marsh stores carry it in that area? It's nice to know it's along a major truck route, as I know I'll be able to get in and out of there with ease. And I need to restock since I'm out. Thanks for commenting!

Unknown said...

I haven't been to Marsh in 10 years but they always carried it. Now I purchase it at Kroger every week... Also I just opened a public group on Facebook for people that love it.

The Daily Rant said...

DARRIN: What's the Facebook group?

Anonymous said...

It's great as a dip for potato chips.