Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Desire A Snack Eaten Off An Owl Plate

It all started when I bought my owl mug

All of a sudden, I started seeing owls everywhere.  Like it was a trend.  I hate trends.  And I never buy something because of it.  And since I had my owl mug before I noticed them everywhere - and bought it in Ross, which is where trends go to die - I can't say I was influenced.
But I kinda fell in love with the little guys.  I wanted more and I had no problem finding it.

These Owl Plates from VivaTerra.
And Owl Mugs from the same place.

A website dedicated to owl lovers.

A Betsey Johnson blinged out
owl watch.

These cute
coin purses

A silvery metallic leather owl keychain.

all sorts of owl stuff on Pinterest!

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