Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bracing For A World Of Mouse Ears

Since we're delivering a load to Orlando, Ed wants to take me to Walt Disney World. Kids, lines, sun, kids...let's say I'm not too thrilled about the idea.

I'm truly hoping it's not a repeat of the
worst day of my life.

Check back for details.


Decorina said...

OMD, just don't go anywhere near that Small World ride. I wanted to rip the heads off those damn dolls and build a bonfire with them. But while I share your horror of amusement parks and the roller coasters I did find I liked the "Mindbender" ride at Elitches in Denver that holds you by the shoulders and whips you around a track. I really loved it - and can't tell you why.

I went to read about the Six Flags trip - my sympathies. But I have to tell you about my mother. She loved kids, but after a trip to the Air and Space Museum in DC she said she never wanted to be around groups of children again. It must have been horrible.

So let us know how Disney World was - I'll get the popcorn.

Angela said...

Anxious to hear about the Disney trip. I hope it doesn't turn to too bad! I've never been, although my boyfriend swears he took me there (never happened and he must be comfusing his ex and I...ha)

Good luck!