Sunday, November 16, 2008

Color Me Casual

My friend Vicki, who in the last two years has broken out of her tomboy shell, has encouraged me to introduce some color to my wardrobe. I have, for the twenty years of our friendship, always favored black and neutral colors. On occassion, I will throw in a fuschia or red, maybe even a funky print here or there, but primarily I stick with darker shades.

My mother has always wanted me to wear color also. She's the "artistic" type and has always dressed like a Puerto Rican on vacation; colors, prints and florals, very often in the same outfit. I don't think she even owns anything that's black.

I will often say "I do wear color!" when challenged on it, but then I look at my closet or my stack of V-neck t-shirts and see several shades of black, eggplant, burgundy and white; rarely a color in the mix. So today I went shopping and this is what I tried on:

Would you say I was spinning that color wheel like a drunk woman?? I didn't buy anything, but the yellow jacket was actually my favorite. It was a stretch denim (the stretch was kind of cool, I haven't seen that much movement ever in a denim jacket) and the buttons, which looked like rivets, were actually snaps. I liked that too. The ruffly tank on the right (which was a deep teal with tiny goldenrod and white flowers) looked really great with the yellow jacket.

I've been looking more at how other women dress and have been trying to get some ideas for how I can incorporate dressing down (in a stylish way) into my life since my profession really requires me to embrace all things casual. I'm not really good with the casual look, so putting something together that looks good is hard for me. I think I owned one pair of jeans when I met Ed and I have had a really hard time adjusting my wardrobe for this lifestyle. I don't do sweats and I'm not a jeans and sweater type of person.

That whole layering thing seems to be really popular - the long tee sticking out of the other tee sticking out of the sweater which sticks out of the jacket, topped with a scarf casually slung around the neck. Ugh. Layers can be a real problem for me as I HATE to be hot. As it was, I seemed to be the only person in Newfoundland who was sweating.

We'll have to see how this color thing works out and what I do for my wardrobe in the next few months. I plan on getting rid of everything I have and starting over with all new stuff for January, so maybe I'll stay away from the black and try to get into more actual outfits that incorporate some color. It's been suggested that I try more button down shirts, maybe some fitted jackets and dark wash, bootleg jeans. If that doesn't work, I'll be the only driver on the road wearing velour track suits with the satin stripe up the side.

With big hoop earrings and flip-flops, of course!


Anonymous said...

How funny, ever since I've had kids I rarely buy myself anything new. In fact, I actually have a pair of jeans I had before I had my first kid. (18yrs ago) That's sick.

I have only ONE really colorful thing. Everything else is earth tones, and black. I wish I could be so brave to wear more color. I don't have any nice dresses either. Two dressy dresses and two ? dresses that I can use for funerals and functions.

The dress I wore to my nieces christening last month is the same frickin dress I wore for my daughters christening 16 yrs ago. That is soooo frickin lame.

Wow, thanks for the post. Maybe it's my kick in the ass to go shopping. lol.
Sweats though til it gets warm again. I'd die without my sweats.

Fandango Travelers said...

Hey Ranter,
I'm right there with ya sistah! I'm a tiny step over 50 and been driving for a year. I refuse to do the sweats thing and will only admit to driving in my jammies once. I have a couple of colorful jackets similar to the yellow one but with prints and then layer them with colored stretch tees, stretch fabric button shirts and stretch jeans or stretch cargos. Did you catch on to the stretch thing? I can't stand my clothes to bind up on me when I sit at the wheel for 12 hours.
I've been thinking about blogging about my wardrobe - check out my blog: Fandangotravelers(dot)blogspot(dot)com

Angela said...

I am not a very stylish person. I am a true jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. I have branched out in colors myself though. I am hooked on the modern fit long sleeved tees at K-Mart. It's a v-neck and they come in all different colors. I'm slowly building my collection. I have also bought many "company" t-shirts that I can layer with the long sleeved ones. That's about all the layers I'll get into though. I also hate to sweat.