Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Foxy Furry Little Friend

So we're sitting in the truck at a truckstop up in Maine when Ed says, "Look! A fox!" and I'm all like, "I am looking pretty good today, aren't I?" and he's all like, "No, a real fox!"

Um, I think I was slightly offended. But when I got over it, I saw this little guy trotting up to our truck:

I don't know how well he did with his wandering since his eyes seem to be closed but maybe he just came out of his fox den and is squinting because he forgot his little foxy sunglasses.


Anonymous said...

What is that by his little paws?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, same question as Grace. Snake?

I think he might not have any eyes. Especially if he's standing by a snake. YIKES

Angela said...

I have a feeling that what you're seeing as a snake is actually just trash. Poor little thing though, with the eye issue and all. Hope he didn't wander too close to the road!