Monday, November 17, 2008

Connecting Over The Mystic River

The Tobin Memorial Bridge (also known as the Mystic River Bridge) is the main structure over the Mystic River, connecting the Charlestown and Chelsea sections of Boston.

The view was spectacular because it was cold out and when it's cold, the skies are extremely clear, so every light twinkled and every color was more intense. The pictures look better in the smaller format since they are kinda blurry when enlarged; I guess that's what happens when you take pictures from a moving truck!


Paul Daniel Ash said...
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Paul Daniel Ash said...

Nice pics! Did you guys find good Italian in the North End? And where on Earth did you park?

I have to pass this on, because I caught unending grief about it when I first got here: Charlestown isn't Boston. In fact, most of what people consider "Boston" ISN'T... just part of the patchwork of cities that make up the metro area.

I remember when I was in Brighton telling people I lived in Boston and they would respond indignantly that's not Boston!!! And I would be all !!?!?!?!

Anyway, keep warm. Or drive south...

Anonymous said...

Sweet pic! You have a really nice camera! Or you're a really good shot.

Gil said...

Beautiful pictures! If you did try anything Italian in Boston, how did it compare to NY? You have probably guessed what I thought!

That bridge is about two hours from us.