Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Opposite Of Being Seen And Not Heard

This has been the best bird sighting I've had in my yard this year.  A Gila Woodpecker.  I think it's my favorite bird so far. 

It was hard to get a picture because he didn't stay around for long - and this is the male, you can tell by the small red cap on the top of his head.  The head and body are a tan color, and I swear I saw a flash of yellow on his underbelly, close to his feet.  His tailfeathers are black with white bars and they're beautiful when you get to glimpse them from the back. The female has similar coloring, with the exception of the red cap on the head. 

The Gila Woodpecker makes their homes in the saguaro cacti.  They make holes in the saguaro cacti and then build nests inside.  I've seen the holes all over the cacti, and I've heard them many time, I
 don't always see the birds.  

Sneaky little buggers.

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